About Us


To encourage and promote philanthropy and provide a conduit for the receipt and management of gifts and bequests into a permanent endowment fund.

The Society will distribute the endowment income to support local community needs, activities and projects, thereby enriching and strengthening our resilient, resourceful and vital community and environment.  This will enhance and ensure the future vitality of the Slocan Valley.

The Society has a particular focus on serving the Slocan Valley – RDCK Area H.

Our Story

Community foundations have a long and successful track record across North America — most major population centres have a Community Foundation that collects donations and invests them in perpetuity, granting the interest to worthy charitable projects. In Canada, the largest community foundation is the Vancouver Foundation, with assets of $750 million.

Civic-minded folk in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia had long identified a need for a community foundation here. In 2009 a spark provided by the Kootenay Savings Credit Union ignited that long-simmering interest.

That year, community foundations across the Kootenays were allocated a total of $1 million from the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation, with the amount given to each foundation being based on number of members at each KSCU branch. This wonderful boost to community foundations resulted in the need to form a Slocan Valley entity to accept the New Denver and South Slocan branch’s allocations that totaled close to $134,000.

With seed funding from KSCU in place, the Osprey Community Foundation based in Nelson B.C. stepped forward in offering organizational support to the formation of a Slocan Valley Legacy Fund, and the Columbia Basin Trust committed an additional $50,000 in matching funds



We acknowledge that the work we are doing takes place on the unceded traditional territory of the Indigenous peoples of this region.


The Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society is committed to promoting and upholding the following principles and values:

Principle 1: We recognize the strengths and limits of the Valley’s human and natural resources.


  • We are committed to love of place for the Slocan Valley and its many communities

  • We recognize and value the diversity of the Slocan Valley including its varied social, cultural, environmental and economic dimensions

  • We recognize that we are part of an interdependent web of life which we are all called to nurture and sustain

Principle 2: Committed individuals can make a difference in the quality of life and the environment of the Slocan Valley.

Values: We believe that the SVCLS should

  • Support our communities to be resilient and vital

  • Protect, promote and enhance the natural environment

  • Act as a catalyst

  • Promote creativity and innovation (we are open to non-traditional solutions)

Principle 3: To be effective, the SVCLS Board must demonstrate respect, competence, commitment and longevity.

Values: We believe that the SVCLS should

  • Enrich interconnectedness, inter-dependency, understanding and respect among the individuals, communities and organizations with which we work and serve

  • Practice leadership that anticipates, innovates and is committed to excellence

  • Support community capacity building and volunteerism throughout the Slocan Valley

  • Engage and energize our active membership

Principle 4: SVCLS inspires donors to make meaningful contributions to the community

Values: In our development work, we will:

  • Create more energy than we expend (or cause others to expend)

  • Leverage resources to produce outcomes that are greater than the sum of parts involved

  • Work in a transparent and accountable manner

  • Promote philanthropy generally by educating the community about opportunities for contributing through SVCLS

This statement was created by the Board of Directors as a draft document on September 26th, 2012, and approved by the Board of Directors on January 16, 2013. This statement is meant to be a living document, subject to periodic review so as to ensure its relevance and vitality.

Download a PDF version of our Principles and Values

Starting the Legacy

The next step was to determine the best structure and composition for a Slocan Valley community fund. The Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission sponsored a series of community meetings and provided administrative support, with Columbia Basin Trust and Regional District of Central Kootenay representatives providing encouragement at every step. With commendable guidance from Norm Caruthers who was then Chair of the Osprey Community Foundation (which holds $6 million in endowments), various models were examined for the development of a permanent Slocan Valley fund that would create a lasting legacy to support the valley.

It was decided that the most efficient way to proceed would be for our Slocan Valley Legacy Fund to be an affiliate within the Osprey Community Foundation. As a Charitable Foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, Osprey has the capacity to issue tax receipts, handle bookkeeping, and provide the scrupulous fiduciary oversight required of foundations by the federal government.

To promote giving to the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund and advise on grants to community groups, a provincially registered Society was incorporated in 2011: the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society. A set of first directors stepped forward — Deb Corbett (Winlaw), Heather Burns (Slocan), Craig Stowell (Winlaw), Wendy Harlock (Silverton) and Lorna Visser (Hills) — to set out the purposes, bylaws and terms of reference for the Society.

Heritage Credit Union in Slocan Park stepped in with funds for Society operations and the directors began the work of outreach and community engagement by hosting community presentations.

In April of 2012 the first Annual General Meeting of the Society was held and nine directors were elected. Since that time, the directors have been working diligently on fundraising and outreach, establishing committees, and setting up terms of reference for awarding grants starting in 2013.

We are well on the way to building a Slocan Valley Legacy Fund that is by the community and for the community. We hope you will give it your generous support.

Meet The Board

Val Mayes


Director 2012 – 2020, returning 2021

Evelyn Goodell


Director since 2014

Amanda Murphy


Director since 2022

Ruth Hackett

Recording Secretary

Director since 2021

Dwayne Lau


Director since 2021

Ellen Kinsel


Director since 2018

John Bullock


Director since 2021