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Our 2024 Granting Cycle is now closed.
Applicants will be notified of the results by mid-May.

Application deadline was March 17th, 2024 at 8pm.

The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is an affiliate community fund operating under Osprey’s wing. We are now accepting applications from charitable organizations providing services and programs within RDCK Area H and/or municipalities of New Denver, Silverton, or Slocan.

If you are considering applying please read our Guidelines and Criteria 2024 (listed below). Each year we improve the application form based on feedback so please be sure to use the latest version. If your organization is not a “qualified donee” as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency, please read Partnering Information. Remember that up to three months may be required to finalize a sponsorship arrangement with a qualified donee.

Below you will find all necessary documents and links:

The Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society welcomes applications for projects that will support Slocan Valley communities to be resilient and vital; that will protect, promote and enhance the natural environment; or that will promote creativity and innovation.

In awarding grants, preference will be given to projects that:

  1. Address an identifiable community need or problem that isn’t being addressed by other available solutions.

  2. Demonstrate collaboration with other partners, communities and organizations.

  3. Are well planned out with clearly defined tasks and project timelines.

  4. Have a budget that is reasonable and demonstrates in kind contributions or other funding sources.

  5. Will produce measurable outcomes and will serve the Slocan Valley on an ongoing and sustainable basis.


Projects for which an organization seeks grant funding are specific activities or purchases to be completed within a defined time frame. Projects are not the same as the ongoing activities carried out by the organization although the project should further the mandate/mission of the organization.


SVCLS holds a broad definition of resiliency and hopes to support projects that develop resiliency in a variety of ways –agricultural, artistic, environmental, climate change, and economic…ideas that spring from our rich and creative community.

 The SVLF provides grants to charitable organizations that serve the Slocan Valley on an ongoing and sustainable basis.  Below are some examples of projects we have helped fund over the years.  Do you have a project in mind?  Scroll down to learn more.


The SVCLS is pleased to announce that we are providing a total of $15,000 to groups in the Slocan Valley for 2023. Many thanks to the Granting Committee for all their work, and to the groups providing so many great projects.

Congratulations to all our 2023 Grant Recipients!

Kohan Garden Infrastructure Project

Slocan Lake Garden Society

Chanterelles Valley Youth Choir

Slocan Valley Youth Choir & the Slocan Lake Arts Council

Promotion and Onsite Development Slocan Lake Green Burial Ground

Slocan Lake Green Burial Society

Spark in the Dark Lantern Festival

Spark in the Dark Lantern Festival Society & the BC Rural Health Network

Kubota Doors 

Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society & the Village of Slocan

Slocan Valley Better at Home

W.E. Graham Community Service Society

Community Events

Healthy Community Society of the N. Slocan Valley & Zion United Church

Adventure Lab: Hands on Summer  Activities for Youth

West Kootenay Education Resource Society

Sandon Trails Historic Signage Project

Sandon Historical Society

Wild Voice for Kids Slocan

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network

Slocan Environmental Archives Project

Smum iem & the Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society

Bosun Hall Kitchen Flatware Replacement

Lucerne Association for Community Education

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