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The SVCLS is pleased to announce that we are providing a total of $15,000 to groups in the Slocan Valley for 2023. Many thanks to the Granting Committee for all their work, and to the groups providing so many great projects.

Congratulations to all our 2023 Grant Recipients!

Kohan Garden Infrastructure Project

Slocan Lake Garden Society

Chanterelles Valley Youth Choir

Slocan Valley Youth Choir & the Slocan Lake Arts Council

Promotion and Onsite Development Slocan Lake Green Burial Ground

Slocan Lake Green Burial Society

Spark in the Dark Lantern Festival

Spark in the Dark Lantern Festival Society & the BC Rural Health Network

Kubota Doors 

Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society & the Village of Slocan

Slocan Valley Better at Home

W.E. Graham Community Service Society

Community Events

Healthy Community Society of the N. Slocan Valley & Zion United Church

Adventure Lab: Hands on Summer  Activities for Youth

West Kootenay Education Resource Society

Sandon Trails Historic Signage Project

Sandon Historical Society

Wild Voice for Kids Slocan

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network

Slocan Environmental Archives Project

Smum iem & the Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society

Bosun Hall Kitchen Flatware Replacement

Lucerne Association for Community Education

Our 2023 Granting Cycle is closed.

The Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society welcomes applications for projects that will support Slocan Valley communities to be resilient and vital; that will protect, promote and enhance the natural environment; or that will promote creativity and innovation.


To be considered for funding, a project must have goals that fit with the principles and values of the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society.


The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is available to help people in the Slocan Valley develop a resilient and vital community. We aim to:

  • protect, promote and enhance the natural environment

  • promote creativity and innovation

  • support collaboration between organizations

Although individual projects will vary, each project should:

  • translate needs and problems into solutions

  • innovate to produce synergistic outcomes; that is, create results that are greater than simply the sum of the parts involved

  • enrich inter-connectedness

  • weave together diverse interests and elements of life in the Slocan Valley, for instance any of its social, cultural, environmental, and economic elements

We hold a broad definition of resiliency, and hope to support projects that develop resiliency in a variety of ways ‒ agricultural, artistic, environmental, economic… ideas that spring from our rich and creative community.

 The SVLF provides grants to charitable organizations that serve the Slocan Valley on an ongoing and sustainable basis.  Below are some examples of projects we have helped fund over the years.  Do you have a project in mind?  Scroll down to learn more.

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