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A list of successful applicants, representing a diverse range of community issues


  • Kohan Garden Infrastructure Project - Slocan Lake Garden Society

  • Kubota Doors  - Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society & the Village of Slocan

  • Sandon Trails Historic Signage Project - Sandon Historical Society

  • Chanterelles Valley Youth Choir - Slocan Valley Youth Choir & the Slocan Lake Arts Council

  • Slocan Valley Better at Home - W.E. Graham Community Service Society

  • Wild Voice for Kids Slocan - Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network

  • Promotion and Onsite Development Slocan Lake Green Burial Ground - Slocan Lake Green Burial Society

  • Community Events - Healthy Community Society of the N. Slocan Valley & Zion United Church

  • Slocan Environmental Archives Project - Smum iem & the Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society

  • Spark in the Dark Lantern Festival - Spark in the Dark Lantern Festival Society & the BC Rural Health Network

  • Adventure Lab: Hands on Summer Activities for Youth - West Kootenay Education Resource Society

  • Bosun Hall Kitchen Flatware Replacement - Lucerne Association for Community Education


  • New Denver & Area Housing Society - New Denver Housing Project, sponsored by Turner Zion United Church

  • Krestova Doukhobor Community Society  - Krestova Community Ice Rink

  • New Denver & Area Community Hamper Society - A New Beginning

  • Living Lakes Society - Expanding Water Monitoring

  • Mt. Sentinel Secondary School/District #8 - Mt. Sentinel Wellness Hub

  • The Hidden Garden Gallery - Hidden Garden Gallery Summer Program, sponsored by Slocan Lake Arts Council

  • After School Sports and Arts Initiative - Winlaw School Community Garden, sponsored by Rural Alternatives Research & Training Society (RARTS)

  • Wildsight - Bannock in Bloom

  • Brent Kennedy Elementary School/District #8 - Brent Kennedy Elementary Outdoor Learning Space

2022 NewDenver Housing Project.png


  • The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology – Slocan Lake Wetland Restoration project

  • School District #8 Kootenay Lake on behalf of WE Graham Community School – Organic Pollinators Garden

  • The Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society (RARTS) on behalf of the Slocan Park Hall Society – Outdoor Ice Rink project

  • Hills Recreation Society on behalf of the Valhalla Hills Nordic Ski Club – Grooming Tracks project

  • Hills Recreation Society on behalf of the North Slocan Trails Society – Sandon K&S Trail XC Grooming Equipment Update

  • The Village of Slocan on behalf of the SV Heritage Trails Society – Rail Trail Equipment Replacement Fund

  • Zion United Church on behalf of the Healthy Communities Society – Community Events 2021-2022 project


Outdoor Ice Rink Project


Rail Trail Equipment Replacement


Rail Trail Equipment Replacement


  • Village of Slocan/Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society – Rail Trail Equipment Replacement Fund
  • New Denver Hospice Society – Grief Journaling Program
  • RARTS/Slocan Valley Community Arts Council – 2nd Arts and Culture Faire
Projects adjudicated for the federal Emergency Community Support Fund and topped up by the SVLF.
  • Hills Recreation Society and New Denver and Area Youth Network – Fostering Youth Wellness
  • WE Graham Community Service Society – Community Mental Health Support Project
  • Kalein Hospice Centre Society – Expansion of the NavCan program to the Slocan Valley
  • Kutenai Art Therapy Institute – Expansion of online services

  • SqX Danza – Creating online accessibility to programs


  • Slocan Valley Seniors Housing  20th Anniversary

  • Slocan Lake Arts Council  Valhalla Community Choir

  • Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy  Financial Literacy

  • W.E. Graham Community Services Society Youth Technology Program, Food Bank garden upgrades

  • Rural Alternatives Research & Training  Peter Pan

  • Nelson Women’s Centre  Sinixt Curriculum Project

  • Slocan Lake Garden Society  Kohan Garden Pond


  • Slocan Lake Gallery Society/Hidden Garden Gallery  Creating a New Gallery

  • W.E Graham Community Service Society  Inter-Generational Cooking

  • New Denver Hospice Society  Office Renovation/Remodel for Bereavement Centre Addition

  • Corporation of the Village of Slocan/Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society  Rail Trail Safety Equipment Purchase

  • Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society  Vallican Whole Art Gallery Project


  • W. E. Graham Community Services Society  Computer lab upgrade

  • Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society  Basement Renovation

  • Hills Recreation Society/ Slocan Lake Stewardship Society  Wild Days Program

  •  Zion United Church /Healthy Communities SocietiesHealthy family activities


  • Hills Recreation Society and Slocan Lake Stewardship Society Wild Days Program

  • Passmore Volunteer Fire Department  Swift Water Rescue Equipment

  • Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy  Telling Our Life Stories Program

  • RARTS and Bee Awareness Society  Educational bee hives and display

2016 SVCLSGrantees.jpg

Thank you to all the groups that applies in 2016. Successful applicants received their cheques at the AGM on May 30, 2016.

2015 GRANTS - Fifteen in Fifteen!

The Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society (SVCLS) is thrilled to announce that grants totalling $15,000 have been awarded to 9 recipients in the Slocan Valley for 2015! This is up from $5000 in 2013 and $8000 in 2014. The successful applicants, representing a very diverse range of community issues, are:

  • W.E. Graham Community Services Society – Networks for New Parents

  • Slocan Valley Seniors Housing Society – Housing Project Start Up Coordinator

  • Hills Recreation Society/Healthy Community Society of the North Slocan Valley – Slocan Elders Book of Food and Wisdom

  • Rural Alternatives Research & Training Society [RARTS] – Vallican Whole Sign Project

  • RARTS/West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op  Building Profitable Farms, Permaculture-Based Education

  • W.E. Graham Community Services Society/Slocan Valley Cultural Alliance – Unity Festival

  • RARTS/Dumont Creek Burial Society  Cemetery Mapping

  • Rosebery Parklands Development Society – Trailhead Maps

  • Valhalla Fine Arts Society – Youth in Concert Series

We are grateful once again for a generous contribution from the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation which allows us to continue to support community in such a positive way.



2015 SVCLSGrantees.jpg

Happy 2015 Grant recipients with checks in hand.


The successful recipients of the 2014 grants were announced at the Society’s AGM on May 20, 2014. A total of $8000 (up from $5000 in 2013) was distributed to six deserving organizations:
  • New Denver Hospice for the “Save the Memorial Gardens” project
  • Columbia Basin Alliance Literacy – Adult computer and literacy program
  • Village of New Denver/Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre  Community celebration of the 20th anniversary of the centre
  • Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society/West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op  Development of


In 2013 the Fund supported four different initiatives: The Unity Music Festival, the Silverton Gallery, a Financial Literacy Day (hosted by CBAL and the Slocan Valley Early Childhood Community Advisory Council), and Concerts in Care, a program that provides music for seniors.

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