What is Giving Tuesday?  Imagine a day dedicated to giving back, around the world, across Canada, and in your own community. Just as “Black Friday” kicks off the holiday shopping season, Giving Tuesday is the opening day of the giving season. It’s a global day of giving, a time to celebrate and encourage activities that support charities and non-profits. Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering time, helping a neighbour or spreading the word, Giving Tuesday is a movement for everyone who wants to give something back.

It’s when we hope you will donate to the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund.

  This is our annual appeal for support through one-time gifts, monthly pledges, or donations made in memory or in honour of someone special. You can donate through our website, or mail us a cheque, details online. However you choose to give, you will receive a tax receipt for donations over $20. We are only a few thousand dollars away from reaching our current target of $300,000 in our fund – help us get there with your gift! We invest all donations in an endowment fund, spending only the interest to make grants to local community groups. As our endowment grows, we have been able to support cultural events, environmental education, programs for children, new parents and youth, hospice and seniors’ housing, outdoor recreation, safety services, food security and more. Since we first began distributing grants we have helped over 30 deserving organizations.

A donation for Giving Tuesday is a gift you can feel really good about!

We look forward to and appreciate your continued support!