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Donation In Memory of Brian Ross Moir

Brian Moir (l.), mother Edna Mae (Erin) and brother Andy, 2014, on the wharf at Digby, Nova Scotia. Photo by Rita Moir

Brian Moir was born March 10, 1947 in Winnipeg and died in Winnipeg on June 4, 2022.

In the midst of his generous and complex life, Brian was a hoarder. His Winnipeg neighbourhood, with help from Brian’s family and friends, sorted and sold his possessions with the firm belief they should go to support causes he supported.

All his worldly goods (a house and garage, yard, car and truck stuffed with them) and all the vast coinage (including thousands of pennies) found in his home, became a fund which has been donated to charities across Canada. As a tribute to Brian’s generous spirit and in keeping with his values, the $15,000 raised has gone to feed the two-legged and four-legged, for housing projects and non-profit societies who work hard in their communities in Manitoba, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is one of the recipients, because Brian had visited the Slocan Valley where his sister Rita lives, and understood the volunteer effort it takes for such a rural community to thrive.

Brian worked most of his career for the Manitoba Department of Justice in Brandon and Winnipeg. He helped countless clients in those years and made an important contribution in creating Manitoba’s mental health court system.

In retirement Brian became a fixture in his north Winnipeg neighbourhood on McAdam Ave. with lavish (some would say gaudy) Christmas and Hallowe’en displays and beautiful flower baskets in his front yard in the summer. He was also the first out with his snow blower in a winter storm, often clearing a dozen neighbours’ homes of snow.


Brian had many accomplishments. The one of which he was most quietly proud was his 45 years of sobriety marked just shortly before his death.


Brian was pre-deceased by his parents, David Ross and Edna Mae (Erin) Moir, his older sister Judy McLaughlin and nephew William. He and his wonderful sense of humour will be missed by sister Rita Moir (Dan Armstrong) in the Slocan Valley of B.C, brother Andy Moir (Christine Callaghan) in Freeport, Nova Scotia; and sister Donna Moir, nephew David McLaughlin (Amber, and children William and Avery), nieces Erin and Maggie (daughter Georgina), and extended family in St. Paul, Minnesota; Moir and Hallatt cousins in Winnipeg; and his cat, Amara.

The family wishes especially to thank Brian’s friends Linda Kalturnyk and Joanne Zahaiko for their work on the fundraising efforts in Winnipeg, which have benefited so many groups across the country: Manitoba Harvest and D’Arcy’s ARC (animal rescue) in Winnipeg; Digby Area Housing Society and Friends of Ferals in Nova Scotia; and locally the WEG Community Service Society’s food bank, learning centre and Valhalla Children’s Centre, Slocan Valley Housing Society, the Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society/Vallican Whole, the Kootenay Animal Assistance Program (KAAP) and the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund.


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