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Donation In Honour of Alex Berland, SVCLS Board Chair 2012 - 2021

Alex Berland was a member of the first elected board of the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society, selected at the AGM of April 2012. He was elected as chair of the board in May of 2012, and went on to serve a full nine year term with the organization in that capacity.

Did you have a question? Alex is ready to answer!

His excellent leadership and commitment to the cause were an example to all of us who served with him on the board over the years. He was able to balance a vision for what the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund could be with the realities of being a small non-profit in a rural location. He kept the team focused and inspired through a variety of both challenges and successes. He always said, “The Legacy Society has two jobs: getting money and giving it away”, and that certainly helped keep us on track! When Alex stepped down from the board in June of 2021, fellow board members wanted to recognize his contribution in a meaningful way, and so we organized a donation in his honour to the administration fund of the Society, raising over $2500. Alex, being Alex, added a donation of his own to the fund, for which we are most grateful. Although no longer on the board of the SVCLS, Alex continues his work as a volunteer, with the Mid-Main Community Health Centre in Vancouver and with Oasis for Posterity, a rural education project in Bangladesh. He can also be found quietly lending a hand at local Slocan Valley events.


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