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Board member, Ellen Kinsel, was honoured as the New Denver Citizen of the Year

Ellen Kinsel’s generosity of spirit and generosity with her time support many groups in our community, groups serving diverse interests. She is a celebration of the diversity which enriches our community and contributes to its health and vibrancy.

Ellen is on boards of three societies: Hills Recreation Society, Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society and Silverton Co-work Society.

Ellen also volunteers with the following groups and projects:

  • Healthy Community Society

  • New Denver Nursery School

  • Wild Days programs

  • Sufferfest

  • Valhalla Summer School of Music

  • Scholarship Committee at Lucerne School

  • Hills Emergency Services Society—she took the flag person training so she could help with the Hills Fire Brigade and it other situations

  • Slocan Lake Stewardship Society –collects water data, helps with the Wild Days programs (and was on the board until 2022)

  • The lunch program at Lucerne School (suspended in 2021-22 because of Covid)

  • Hills Garlic Festival—she was the coordinator for years

  • John and Johanna Katz’s Cello Summer School in Hills

Ellen does much for her friends in the community:

  • Brings food for friends when they are sick

  • Runs errands for friends

  • Sits cats and cellos and harps for friends

  • Waters greenhouses and picks up mail for friends who are away

  • Helps friend with their income tax, computer problems, new sewing machines

  • Tutored friend’s high school children and grandchildren in math courses

  • Sews beautiful quilts for many babies and gives quilt creations to her friends

Ellen is a stellar example of a life-long learner. She is always taking online classes or workshops to improve her sewing or photography skills, and more.

Congratulations Ellen!


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