Our spring 2021 granting cycle has now closed.

We are pleased to announce the 2021 successful grant applicants:

  1. The Valhalla Foundation for Ecology for its Slocan Lake Wetland Restoration project;
  2. School District #8 Kootenay Lake on behalf of WE Graham Community School for its Organic Pollinators Garden;
  3. The Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society (RARTS) on behalf of the Slocan Park Hall Society for its Outdoor Ice Rink project;
  4. Hills Recreation Society on behalf of the Valhalla Hills Nordic Ski Club for it Grooming Tracks project;
  5. Hills Recreation Society on behalf of the North Slocan Trails Society for its Sandon K&S Trail XC Grooming Equipment Update;
  6. The Village of Slocan on behalf of the SV Heritage Trails Society for its Rail Trail Equipment Replacement Fund;
  7. Zion United Church on behalf of the Healthy Communities Society for its Community Events 2021-2022 project.

For future applications, our regular granting cycle usually begins in January and closes in March. If you are considering applying please read our Guidelines and Criteria 2021. Each year we improve the application form based on feedback so look for the latest version when the competition opens. If your organization is not a “qualified donee” as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency, please read Partnering Information. Remember that up to three months may be required to finalize a sponsorship arrangement with a qualified donee.

To be considered for funding, a project must have goals that fit with the Principles and Values of the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society.

The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is available to help people in the Slocan Valley develop a resilient and vital community. We aim to:

  • protect, promote and enhance the natural environment
  • promote creativity and innovation
  • support collaboration between organizations

Although individual projects will vary, each project should:

  • translate needs and problems into solutions
  • innovate to produce synergistic outcomes; that is, create results that are greater than simply the sum of the parts involved
  • enrich inter-connectedness
  • weave together diverse interests and elements of life in the Slocan Valley, for instance any of its social, cultural, environmental, and economic elements

We hold a broad definition of resiliency, and hope to support projects that develop resiliency in a variety of ways ‒ agricultural, artistic, environmental, economic… ideas that spring from our rich and creative community.

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