Photo credit: Ellen Kinsel | Northern Exposure

November 2020

Emergency Community Support Fund

In November 2020, the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society approved two more projects through the Emergency Community Support Fund.

Kalein Hospice Centre Society  The Nav-CARE program, a service for seniors living with chronic illness, social isolation, or increased frailty, is expanding its service area into the Slocan Valley to support seniors with their social, emotional, and practical needs (see $5,000

Hills Recreation Society on behalf of the New Denver and Youth Centre Society Fostering Youth Wellness will promote youth mental and physical well-being to offset the impact of COVID-19. There will be arts and crafts workshops as well as a Youth-at-Work project that provides paying jobs and community benefits from the work accomplished. $4,660

The Legacy Society is proud to be working with Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada to deliver funding in the Slocan Valley to ensure that our citizens are safe and healthy.

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