In Memory Of Marguerite Alvarez


Marguerite Alvarez (1928-2017) loved her home and community in Hills and had a deep appreciation for the Slocan Valley.  Marguerite’s values are reflected in the Legacy Fund’s mission to build a healthy, resilient and vital community.  She was interested in and supported the activities of local groups and appreciated their diversity and creativity.  And Marguerite believed that we each can make a positive difference in the quality of life and environment of one’s home place.

Marguerite and the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund are a good fit.

Marguerite was a wonderful example of someone who was curious and welcoming to a wide variety of people and interests.  She was a gracious, compassionate, and very friendly person who never stopped growing.  Marguerite was devoted to her family.  She celebrated diversity and good will at her dinner table, on her deck, in her life.  She was well loved and deeply missed.

In memory of Tony Alvarez

When I was asked to write about why I donated to the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund in memory of my brother Tony, I was enthusiastic, but not exactly sure why I had been asked. After all, Tony had severe Down Syndrome and had lived much of his life in a wonderful group home many miles away in Trail. Then I realized that his, and our, connection to Slocan Lake was far deeper than I had previously considered. Our mother Marguerite spent some of the best years of her life on her property at the north end of the lake. There, she had shared some of Tony’s best times as well. I remember his smiles at the warmth of the sun on his face, his obvious pleasure paddling in the waves of a wind lapping the beach and how he enjoyed the company of his family in such a welcoming place. These were obvious signs that this was indeed a magical spot for him. I hope my contribution to the Legacy Fund brings a few smiles to those still living the Valley. I would encourage others to contribute to this wonderful cause. It’s a great way to keep alive what is so special about the Slocan Valley.

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