The Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society...

... raises funds to enhance our communities and ensure the future vitality of the Slocan Valley
... encourages charitable giving for the benefit of the Slocan Valley
... makes yearly grants to worthy community organizations and projects
... cultivates a permanent endowment fund benefitting this region: the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund

Membership Fee: $10 per person per year

Payment Method:

CashChequeBank Transfer

Renewal MembershipNew Membership

No change to contact details from last year (RENEWING members only)

I agree to receive occasional communications from the Society. Providing my contact information allows the Society to keep me informed and up to date. (Members can opt out of receiving e-mail updates at any time by contacting info@slocanvalleylegacy.com)

Members must hold a current membership in order to have voting rights at the AGM. Please mail application and cheque (payable to the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society) to the address below. For bank transfer, Kootenay Savings Credit Union members can find member-to-member transfer details on our website and need only mail us the application form.

Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society
PO Box 363, Slocan, BC, V0G 2C0