This page lists all grants, which you can also find on this map showing locations and details.


  • Slocan Lake Gallery Society/Hidden Garden Gallery: Creating a New Gallery

    W.E Graham Community Service Society: Inter-Generational Cooking

    New Denver Hospice Society: Office Renovation/Remodel for Bereavement Centre Addition

    Corporation of the Village of Slocan/Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society: Rail Trail Safety Equipment Purchase

    Sandon Historical Society: Sandon Museum Wheelchair Access

    Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society : Vallican Whole Art Gallery Project


    • W. E. Graham Community Services Society: Computer lab upgrade
    • Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society: Basement Renovation 
    • Hills Recreation Society/ Slocan Lake Stewardship Society: Wild Days Program
    • Zion United Church /Healthy Communities Societies: Healthy family activities

2016 Grants


Thank you to all the groups that applied in 2016. Successful applicants received their cheques at the AGM on May 30, 2016. 2016 Recipients:

  • Hills Recreation Society and Slocan Lake Stewardship Society: Wild Days Program
  • Passmore Volunteer Fire Department: Swift Water Rescue Equipment
  • Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy: Telling Our Life Stories Program
  • RARTS and Bee Awareness Society: educational bee hives and display

Fifteen in Fifteen –  2015 Grant Recipients!

The Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society (SVCLS) is thrilled to announce that grants totalling $15,000 have been awarded to 9 recipients in the Slocan Valley for 2015! This is up from $5000 in 2013 and $8000 in 2014. The successful applicants, representing a very diverse range of community issues, are:

photo 2

Happy 2015 grant recipients with cheques in hand.

  • W.E. Graham Community Services Society: Networks for New Parents
  • Slocan Valley Seniors Housing Society: Housing Project Start Up Coordinator
  • Hills Recreation Society/Healthy Community Society of the North Slocan Valley: Slocan Elders Book of Food and Wisdom
  • Rural Alternatives Research & Training Society [RARTS]: Vallican Whole Sign Project
  • RARTS/West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op: Building Profitable Farms – Permaculture-Based Education
  • W.E. Graham Community Services Society/Slocan Valley Cultural Alliance: Unity Festival
  • RARTS/Dumont Creek Burial Society: Cemetery Mapping
  • Rosebery Parklands Development Society: Trailhead Maps
  • Valhalla Fine Arts Society: Youth in Concert Series

We are grateful once again for a generous contribution from the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation which allows us to continue to support community in such a positive way.

 2014 Grant Recipients

2014 grant

2014 Grant recipients pose with members of the granting committee. Back row left to right: Ann Bunka (mayor of New Denver), Tanya Thompson, Penny Tees, Heather Burns (SVCLS Granting Committee). Front row left to right: Momoko Ito, Susie Hammond (SVCLS Granting Committee), Karin Dodds, Alison Salo.

The successful recipients of the 2014 grants were announced at the Society’s AGM on May 20, 2014. A total of $8000 (up from $5000 in 2013) was distributed to six deserving organizations:

New Denver Hospice for the “Save the Memorial Gardens” project

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy for an adult computer and literacy program

Village of New Denver/Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre for a community celebration of the 20th anniversary of the centre

Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society/West Kootenay Permaculture Co-op for the development of

W.E.Graham Community Services Society/Slocan Valley Early Childhood Community Advisory Council for a celebration of 6 years of Networks for New Parents

Slocan Lake Early Learning Society/New Denver Nursery School for playground maintenance

2013 GRANTS:

In 2013 the Fund supported four different initiatives: The Unity Music Festival, the Silverton Gallery, a Financial Literacy Day (hosted by CBAL and the Slocan Valley Early Childhood Community Advisory Council), and Concerts in Care, a program that provides music for seniors.